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This week I am going to wander down the road, and maybe enter what some would call  “The Twilight Zone”  in photography.  I was going back through my files and ran across one I have titled  “posters – stickers”.   In the past I have made both posters and stickers for different occasions, and of course kept the files.  I keep most files (trying not to hoard), throwing away the ones that are outrageously bad for whatever reason.  You know the ones, missed focus, horrible composition, the ones that just miss the mark, period.  The ones that are just a bit off but not bad, well, they get a file spot of their own, then they are the ones that get “The Twilight Zone”  treatment.  Color washes, textures, distortions, that sort of thing.  You could add text over the top of or on the side of these images, as well.   Now I do use  top notch images for this as well, but I start with these and work out a “recipe”  then add it to others if I like the results.  I have also taken images with this in mind (pre-visualization?).   I know with Photoshop and all of its partners, you can do all of this non-destructive work, not scrambling pixels and such, but this seems like more fun to me.  Justifies all of those extra images, right?  Besides, its all fun.  No pixels were harmed in all of this experimentation, they all played together nicely.  Some did get new neighbors though.

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