Monthly Archives: September 2015

Last Chance?

Summer is cooling off, fall is setting in with it’s cooler atmosphere and soon to change the leaves right in front of us.   I know not everyone has this opportunity, bu here goes.  You can still make a trip to the beach! (or mountains, or river, or wherever you like) before it fades into the ‘sunset’.  The beach is my place of peace, and renewal.  I grew up near there, I will always look forward to the sand in my socks, the salt air, the pesky sea gulls being….well,… sea gulls.  It’s what they do best.   I don’t usually track around to find some out of they way place that no one has been to before.  Besides, that is getting pretty hard to do.  Finding an unused piece of beach, I mean.  I just aim for a time when the fewest people are there.   This generally  means very early hours.  But that is when it is the best.   I don’t always have to have sand, I can work with rocks  (big rocks)  so that the surf crashes against the rocks and splashes around making all sorts of noise. (good to sleep to)  It (the noise-not the water) washes over me and cleans out the cobwebs.  I suppose like the musician that turns the volume way up to flood the room. (with noise-not water)  So that is this weeks addition. Feel free to go the beach and enjoy!!


pen and ink

One of my favorite types of art is pen and ink drawings, or as it is probably referred to digitally is line art.  As I experiment with most all forms of my artwork, I have tried to reproduce this artwork in digital form. So this week I will display some of the images that I have turned into line art.  It is not as freehand as sketching is, (I’m working on that as well),  but it does, at least for me, produce a very nice image. Some I have added color washes to, leaning toward watercolor flavors and styles.  As with all artwork, it will be a matter of personal taste whether you like one over the other.  I base my decisions on the image itself.  And many times, I will take an image with this end result in mind – “this would look good if I ………”.   I think I mentioned this once before about pre-visualizing the artwork.  Some  people/teachers/instructors say it is good to do this, others say no.  Again with the personal tastes.  What works best for you is what is best.  I will usually try something a time or two for fit.  If it doesn’t fit, I go back to whatever I was doing before.   I have learned many new things this way, even if it doesn’t work, you did learn something.  Where my work is usually (so far)  on white backgrounds,  I have a cousin that was into commercial art, and did some work with the black background, scratching off the black to make the lines white.  I have not tried that outside of digital yet.  I do have an image or two like that but, that is a lot of black ink to print out.   Looks cool though.  When she was doing that work, digital was not available yet, so it was all done as if you making a sketch.   I know the art store has the materials to do this, I’ve seen it in there.  Try it if you must.  It does look good.

Poster Pages

This week I am going to wander down the road, and maybe enter what some would call  “The Twilight Zone”  in photography.  I was going back through my files and ran across one I have titled  “posters – stickers”.   In the past I have made both posters and stickers for different occasions, and of course kept the files.  I keep most files (trying not to hoard), throwing away the ones that are outrageously bad for whatever reason.  You know the ones, missed focus, horrible composition, the ones that just miss the mark, period.  The ones that are just a bit off but not bad, well, they get a file spot of their own, then they are the ones that get “The Twilight Zone”  treatment.  Color washes, textures, distortions, that sort of thing.  You could add text over the top of or on the side of these images, as well.   Now I do use  top notch images for this as well, but I start with these and work out a “recipe”  then add it to others if I like the results.  I have also taken images with this in mind (pre-visualization?).   I know with Photoshop and all of its partners, you can do all of this non-destructive work, not scrambling pixels and such, but this seems like more fun to me.  Justifies all of those extra images, right?  Besides, its all fun.  No pixels were harmed in all of this experimentation, they all played together nicely.  Some did get new neighbors though.