County Fair Time

This is the season.  Well, they always say that don’t they.  The season for what this time?  As the title says, county fair.   The state fairs are making the rounds as well, so maybe I should just say fair time.  Anyway, the annual gathering of all the goods and good things about where you live and work.  And play.  Many of the displays at these fairs are about playing and having a good time.   Yes, you can sign up to have siding put on your house, or try out a new vacuum cleaner and get your kitchen knives sharpened, but there are so many other things.  You could bid for meat for your freezer,  check out a new tractor,  or a horse, bet on a horse, or listen to a band, watch the hypnotist have fun with the volunteers, and watch the yo-yo master at his best.   I didn’t know anyone still practiced that.  The Tillamook county fair has a unique attraction that apparently has been going on since 1925 ( I was told ).   They are called the Pig and Ford races.  I can remember going to these when I was very young, (I’m not young  anymore) as my folks liked all the races that involved cars.  I’m sure if we had a NASCAR track close by, my mom would have spent a lot of time there.  So this is what happens:  there is a bin along side the track, each driver grabs a pig, cranks up his Model T, and races once around the track, stops, turns off the car, grabs a new pig and starts over.  Usually three laps.  The pigs are taken care of so none get hurt. It is a fun game to watch, lots of dust and noise.  Not a lot of speed, Model T’s were not all that fast, and everyone has a good time.  Now, I did take in all of the flowers and vegetables and quilts, (couldn’t get to the pies) even the horses and cows and tractors, the hypnotist, the yo-yo guy, there was even a reptile display.  But most fairs have something similar,  so I did not put photos of all of those things, just from the races.  Just to be different.

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