Great Oregon Steamup!

If you have followed this site for a bit, you know I like the rusty, old machinery.  So this is the time of year I look forward to.  The Great Oregon Steamup.  I’ve mentioned this before, maybe I beat the dead horse.  I still look forward to it.  My background has been in machines and machinery of various sorts, mostly large and hard working stuff.  Large (9 foot tall) wheels and tires, or tracks to move across the ground.  Even a few cranes for ships and trucks.  It’s all fun – it’s all good. So here is this seasons offering of old rusty machines as observed through my camera lens.  If you have not seen this equipment before, the day starts early and smoke filled as they start the tractors up to warm the boilers.  Steam powered, remember?   These are not pieces where you jump in, hit the key and motor off down the road.  There is a process to get everything in line.  I won’t list all of that here, if your interested in steam power, I’ll let you research all of that.  My goal is to share photos of the adventure of the day.  The Antique Powerland puts on a great show of all of this.  There are all sorts of museums on the grounds.  There is one for old cars and motorcycles, one for fire apparatus, one for tractors, one for trucks, one for electric trains. There is a logging display and museum for logging equipment, one for Caterpillar equipment of all sorts.  There are parades with all of tractors steaming by.  All sorts of steam powered power units of all sizes, many for sale.   There is also a steam powered saw mill that has been used for most of the lumber in the buildings.  There are even steam powered ice cream makers!  They do well in the warm summer weather.  There are large stationary engines chuffing away as they display their power.   All of it a handyman’s dream. There is a blacksmith crew to build you things as well.   So, on to the photos. This addition is mostly all tractors, some will make you wonder what they even do.  The haze is apparent in many of the photos this week.  Next time around, I will add a few others as  I’m still working on some of them.   I took over well 200 images in a short time.  Because  I go every year, I just try to add new views or angles.  They follow a pattern of activities each year, and most of the players are the same, so I try to add things not covered the year(s) before.   It’s over for this year, but, add it to your schedule for next year.  Just a reminder, if you click on the image, it should get larger for a better view.


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