Sun and Surf

OK, sun, but no surf.  Well, the surf was there, but we were not in it.  I’m not a water dog, so, I’m content to watch all of the others participate in the experience.  We had friends from outside the U.S. visiting, and as typical for the west coast beaches, choosing a day at the beach is like playing the lottery.  You may be lucky, and then again………….so we tossed a coin and headed out.  The day was great!  The sun was good without be scorching, the tide was headed out, so it was low on the sand, we were early enough to get there before lots of crowds.  Even shared the sand with some folks on horseback.  Those of you from the Pacific Northwest will recognize this as Cannon Beach and/or Haystack Rock.  Like I said, the tide was headed out, so the surf was low and not real active, but very nice.  The sound of the waves was very soothing and great to hear again.  (I grew up near the beach)  You can see we were not the only ones out to enjoy the sand in our shoes.  Along with the horses, I like to watch the children explore the beach and all it has to offer.  I’m not sure what the kids found in the creek bed, but it didn’t seem to interest the sea gulls in the least.   We didn’t make it to the tide pools this time around, but will save that for the next trip.  I’m sure that a lot of pixels were used this week at the beach, it was great for photos.  The panoramic shot was taken from just south of Cannon Beach near the top of Neahkahnie Mountain, looking south toward Manzanita at the bottom of the mountain on the beach.   Farther to the south, are Oceanside and Cape Lookout, way in the distance.   Great day for sightseeing!  Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do.

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