As promised from my last post,  here are the images from the Civil War Re-enactment.  This was a lot of fun, and quite educational.   I was never a history person in school, and to a point, am still not.  As I’ve gotten older, it very much more interesting.   My problem is still as it was previously – I don’t remember or retain the information any better than I did when I was in school.  It is just more interesting now, than it was then.  I suppose now that there is age and experience involved – something to compare or contrast with – it makes a big difference.   Now, a bit about the re-enactment.  My understanding is people involved take a character in history and take on that persons life/history.  I’m guessing, very similar to what an actor does for a movie roll or a play.  Someone they can research in order to be accurate about their life.   Then, if possible, they will recreate a particular battle as best they can.  On this day, there was not a “script” to go by.  They did the encounter as if it were two patrols passing one another by chance.   The cannons roar, the rifles blast, the smoke and powder fill the air,  and everyone has a great time!  There is even a few “dead” bodies laying around.   Be sure and take in the village settings along with the battles.   Just as much work goes into their setup as does the battle.  Just because they don’t ride a horse or carry a rifle, doesn’t mean they aren’t or weren’t part of the life at that time.   They had the woodworkers, blacksmith, farriers, this one even had a Pinkerton agent.   Check it out  –  It’s all good!

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