Perspective images

As I was reviewing last weeks photos, I realized it had a couple of photos that are the kind they send you in search of when you sign up for a photo class. Well, close anyway.  You know, the ones about perspective, or maybe vanishing point from you art or architectural drawing class.  The subject gets smaller,  and fades off into the distance.  These images are fun to find and take, not always interesting to stare at later.  As in the one of the highway from New Mexico.  It gets the point across – there is nothing out here –  and you go on to another image.   Your right, there wasn’t much out there.  But it shows the expanse of that nothing.  If you are one of us that lives in or near the city, that nothingness can be a challenge.   It is still not what you would call an inspiring photo.  I found one of a fence, mostly so the bridge images were not the only ones.  We have a lot of bridges, so those are easy to get.  I did not practice with depth of field – only certain portions in focus – I tend to get most of the image in focus when I’m outside and working on landscape type images.  I did however, adjust some of the colors.  The red bridge is not really that shade of red, it is more of a primer red, but it was fun to try something else.

Next week I will post the images from a 4th of July, civil war re-enactment.  That makes for a fun 4th!

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