Reflections of …………

……the way life used to be…  old song, can’t recall singer at this time.   I was out and about yesterday and ran across a quiet bit of water.  Those around here know it as a reservoir that used to be in the city water system.  It is my understanding that it is now out of the regular city water system.  Anyway, back to the quiet spot of water.  It is seldom we get to see the surface so calm, it usually has a least a few ripples somewhere.  And I believe I have shown that before here.  It still got me to thinking about the reflections that are created. Sometimes we see them, sometimes not.  I have gathered a few to show here, some causing a bit of pause and “reflection” of where it came from and what it means.  All of these will mean different things to different people. What your reaction will be may be the complete opposite of what I felt when I took the image, or when I saw it again on a different date.  The whole idea is to cause a bit of thought about what you see.  I hope it does that.  If you notice also, both components of the reflection do not have to be there, your mind fill in the rest.  As in the images from Memorial Day.  Thanks for checking it out.

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