time for black and white

Summer is almost here – another week or so officially. Before it slides into our heat wave season, I’m going to visit the black and white files one more time.  If you have followed this  site, you may have seen a couple of these before.   Not as much color, but it makes one look a bit more at the image, maybe to think about what is there, whether you have been there before, or maybe want to go there and see what you can see differently.  I’m sure not everyone sees things as I do.  Or maybe it brings about a certain memory of something else.  There is always the possibility you don’t care for the black and white.  And that is alright too.   Not everyone does.  I did a collection of black and whites, monochromes, and placed them in a book.  One person found them not to their liking, I think, mostly because of the lack of color, making them dark, depressing.  I do tend to make mine darker than most.  I can’t say I took lessons from Ancil Adams,  but along that line. His usually tended to have the darker, denser blacks, with the nearly black, dramatic skies.  Check them out, and next time we should be back into the colors.  Summer is upon us!


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