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morning adventures

Thinking about where to go this morning, I decided to return to the river front, around here usually referred to as the Esplanade.  It is a walkway that has been installed along our riverbanks downtown, and makes a nice ring around the city using the bridges to  link together both sides of the river.  It gets used for fun and exercise as well as commuting by foot, track shoe, or bicycle.  It’s been awhile since I have made this little adventure and it proved to be a lot of fun, and I guess I can say a flood of emotion as well before it was time to return home.  Early in the morning on our pathways around here, you get all sorts of travelers.  Being on the waterfront, I found a couple of fellas fishing.  Lots of bicycles, if you don’t watch, you will get run over!  There are lots of joggers working out their fitness routines.  One or two tourists, (one group was on Segway scooters).  Being summer, most are in brightly colored clothing.  One of those images is the lady reading a map on the post.  I took the image because she was standing in an area with all of the foliage around and she had all of the bright summer colors on – a colorful flower in all of the green leaves.  I found that along the safety fence, people have put locks all over the fence in one section.  I am assuming they signify the love for each other being “locked” together.   The whole trip is fun because you get to see the city waking up getting ready for the day.  The freeway filling with vehicles, commuter trains and buses  dropping folks off for work.  River tugs and barges delivering gravel to the cement plant downriver.  Raising bridges and disrupting traffic in the meantime.  The freight train sounded off, and as I like trains and was not far away from his bridge crossing, I headed that direction.  I got the engines crossing the bridge, not paying a lot of attention to his freight yet.   As it came into view, I realized what they were carrying.  It was a load of military vehicles.  All in all, not a bad thing, but on closer inspection when they got closer to me, I saw that they were returning units.  They had already seen their action.   After all of the history I have gone through in the last few weeks, this all hit a nerve or two.  I stood and watched as the armor plated backhoes and trucks went by, even a small tank.  What is the saying – “if they could talk, what would the stories be”?   All you can do is pray that the brave warriors manning these units made it home safe to their families.        A good day overall.

Reflections of …………

……the way life used to be…  old song, can’t recall singer at this time.   I was out and about yesterday and ran across a quiet bit of water.  Those around here know it as a reservoir that used to be in the city water system.  It is my understanding that it is now out of the regular city water system.  Anyway, back to the quiet spot of water.  It is seldom we get to see the surface so calm, it usually has a least a few ripples somewhere.  And I believe I have shown that before here.  It still got me to thinking about the reflections that are created. Sometimes we see them, sometimes not.  I have gathered a few to show here, some causing a bit of pause and “reflection” of where it came from and what it means.  All of these will mean different things to different people. What your reaction will be may be the complete opposite of what I felt when I took the image, or when I saw it again on a different date.  The whole idea is to cause a bit of thought about what you see.  I hope it does that.  If you notice also, both components of the reflection do not have to be there, your mind fill in the rest.  As in the images from Memorial Day.  Thanks for checking it out.

time for black and white

Summer is almost here – another week or so officially. Before it slides into our heat wave season, I’m going to visit the black and white files one more time.  If you have followed this  site, you may have seen a couple of these before.   Not as much color, but it makes one look a bit more at the image, maybe to think about what is there, whether you have been there before, or maybe want to go there and see what you can see differently.  I’m sure not everyone sees things as I do.  Or maybe it brings about a certain memory of something else.  There is always the possibility you don’t care for the black and white.  And that is alright too.   Not everyone does.  I did a collection of black and whites, monochromes, and placed them in a book.  One person found them not to their liking, I think, mostly because of the lack of color, making them dark, depressing.  I do tend to make mine darker than most.  I can’t say I took lessons from Ancil Adams,  but along that line. His usually tended to have the darker, denser blacks, with the nearly black, dramatic skies.  Check them out, and next time we should be back into the colors.  Summer is upon us!


no flowers?

So I went to one of the local hiking areas around here, one I frequent quite a bit, as it is easy to get to.  I took the images from this collection all with a point and shoot. They are not earth shattering images on their own.  That is not necessarily the idea. There are no flowers.  There are just a few bright colors.  What can result from all of this is  1) practice;  2) material for other images, or compositions; such as black and whites or patterns and shapes; maybe even just color.  They can be a starting point for creativity.  So its all fun anyway, especially when ones finds a surprise, as in the local resident pondering his day, wishing all of the tourists would leave and let him get on with his day.  All in all it was a good day.

one more try

This should be the last time I bring out images from New Mexico.  I have mentioned that there were a lot of murals or paintings on the  buildings.  The week before last I posted one of the images that I thought was very clever and entertaining,  the pano on the lumber company.  Go back and check it out if you did not catch that one.  So this week I have included of few of the others that were there.  The “Blue Swallow Motel”  has a lot of old ones, many being movie actors or scenes from movies, the garages even have them inside.   One or two show scenes from “Cars”  as it was supposed to be about this town, as it is along Route 66.  The motel itself has been in the movies as well.    Many of the restaurants and stores have murals inside on the walls along with what is on the outside.   I was never good at this type of art, so I commend those that that are. They make the world a brighter place.  To those of you that paint, Thank you!   Click on each image and it should enlarge.  On the image with the  VW bug,  it car is real. The lady doing the gardening is in the painting.