’tis the season

Well, it’s always the season.  Memorial day.  Unofficial start of summer.  Grilling season.  Your supposed to grill or BBQ something this weekend, or you were, as it is over now.  Back to the routine for a couple more weeks until 4th of July, right?  I’ve found over the years, Memorial  Day is never really out of season.  We should not forget the Veterans just because it is Tuesday instead of May 25 (this year).  I attended the services for the Viet Nam Veterans this year.  That was the “season” that I was in the service.  The officials always seem to schedule the services at the same time all over the city, so one cannot attend each one.  I did not personally see the action that most of these veterans did.  I was assigned to a support regiment and was not afforded that experience.  I recently met with a friend that did see that action, very serious stuff, and along with some other news articles, I was prompted to read up on some of that action.  I am truly amazed that as many made it home as did.  Our service here starts off with reading the names of those that were lost from our state.  803 names.  They presented the colors with the bagpipes, saluted with the rifles, sang the national anthem and related a few stories and comments plus a bit of history.  Very nice service, very nice atmosphere and setting.  We even had a fly over with the missing man formation.  As to the missing man, there are still a few POW’s unaccounted for.  For those of you who have served – – – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!


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