2nd time around

Adding more images from New Mexico, I will hope to give an impression of what the area we went to is like.  Tucumcari is around 5000 feet altitude, give or take  a foot or two.  I din’t know where people draw the line for  ‘high plains’, but this seems to qualify to me.  One of the impressions that comes to mind when someone mentions New Mexico, is the old west, cowboys, lots of open space, mesa’s, cactus, dust, old movies.  So we ran across most of that somewhere along the way, and we only covered a portion of the state.  We stayed mostly to the east middle  portion.  We did get the vast open spaces, – – – miles from place to place.  Dust and wind scouring the earth on  daily basis  – – –  a couple of the gusts smacked the side of our vehicle sending us into the next lane.  We missed any dust storms, but say clouds of dust floating here and there – in the way.  It was (is) dry and parched, seems to absorb any moisture before it strikes the ground.  Lots of antelope grazing in the fields, competing with the cactus for space.  If large open spaces make you nervous, then this is not you cup of tea.  Everything has lots of elbow room.  Even the trains.

I see all of this space and one of the thoughts that comes to mind when I look out over the vast area is what the first settlers thought when they first came into the area.  I can see what they saw, I don’t think it has changed a lot around here, yes there is progress, but not a rush to overtake the area like around a big city. So your looking at all of this space and what goes through your mind?  Where do I go from here?  Or, which way do I go?  Or, what’s over that ridge?  How will it be different?  Will it be better than here?  All while your setting on your horse – – –  or wagon, deciding your future.    There are very few trees, and I’m used to a lot of trees.  Should I look for more trees?  It’s funny the things that run through your mind.  Maybe it’s just me.    We did stop at the dinosaur museum, the dig was not open during the week, so we will have to try another time.   Still a lot to see, even if it is a mile or two apart.  Just prepare for the spaces.


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