Altered Images

This is the name I give to the images that I change from what they were coming  out of the camera.  Some get a black and white conversion, some get a more artistic “adjustment” such as a color change or style change. I took a lot of extra images when I was in San Francisco with this intention  in mind. Some will ask “why not change the ones you have and not take so many extras?” Well, I choose a few to cover the subject, then choose others to change. To me, I would rather not make numerous variations of the same image. I will make changes to one to see what works best, but I try not to show all of the variations in one place at one time. I feel it make one image old, tired and boring. I don’t care to view pages of copies of the same image in others work, so I try not to subject anyone else to the same experience.  As with the bridge image that I posted a few weeks ago, it is easy  to loose interest in the image and the subject if there are to many choices. It is one thing if you are looking for a particular image or “feel” to do an order or fit a special spot.  I think most photographers/artists would prefer the image to catch your attention on sight, not bore you into submission. Let me know which ones you like……     I just reviewed all of the images, and they seem to be largely of the Golden Gate Bridge. I had not intended to use that many of just the bridge, but I will leave it for now. They are all different.   So here goes, I decided to add some other images. The line drawings will at some point in the future become watercolor paintings, or pen and ink drawings or what ever else I can come up with to make them a bit different. One or two will likely end up in one of my calendars at the end of the year. As for the images, just click on one and as before, they should enlarge so you can see them better.

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