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Camp 18

In our wanderings of the northwest, we backtracked or maybe retraced our steps, to an old favorite. Camp 18 is located 18 miles from Seaside Oregon. To those in this area, most know where this is, even if they have not stopped to check out what they have to offer for your time. It was a former logging camp location, so the outstanding restaurant is a giant log cabin structure. A marvel in its own right. The inside is decorated with lots of old photos and gear used by the loggers from the area.  The reception area is a LARGE tree trunk.  Inside the restaurant. The outside has lots of old logging equipment on display. Mr. Smith has an outstanding collection of machinery and keeps adding to it. There is a museum that gives you all of the history from the area, highlighting many of the folks that made logging what it was (and still is). We (the logging industry) has jumped ahead in leaps and bounds as far as equipment and machinery.  It’s still great for me to check out all of the older stuff that the people used to use.  The history is fascinating. And , I like old machines. So here are some old rusty photos of some well used pieces of equipment. The tree with the cables and spikes is an anchor for the tower, or in this instance, a spar tree. They are anchored at strategic locations around the tree to keep it from falling over when the logs are brought in.  I believe the placard said this tree was 160 feet tall. They are usually tied off in four places.  In today’s logging camp, they would likely use a mechanical yarder, the spar hydraulically raised and lower for transport. They do have an old landing setup on display. I believe it is active for show a few times in the summer.  If you happen by, be sure to stop in and check it all out. Plus the food is excellent!

Altered Images

This is the name I give to the images that I change from what they were coming  out of the camera.  Some get a black and white conversion, some get a more artistic “adjustment” such as a color change or style change. I took a lot of extra images when I was in San Francisco with this intention  in mind. Some will ask “why not change the ones you have and not take so many extras?” Well, I choose a few to cover the subject, then choose others to change. To me, I would rather not make numerous variations of the same image. I will make changes to one to see what works best, but I try not to show all of the variations in one place at one time. I feel it make one image old, tired and boring. I don’t care to view pages of copies of the same image in others work, so I try not to subject anyone else to the same experience.  As with the bridge image that I posted a few weeks ago, it is easy  to loose interest in the image and the subject if there are to many choices. It is one thing if you are looking for a particular image or “feel” to do an order or fit a special spot.  I think most photographers/artists would prefer the image to catch your attention on sight, not bore you into submission. Let me know which ones you like……     I just reviewed all of the images, and they seem to be largely of the Golden Gate Bridge. I had not intended to use that many of just the bridge, but I will leave it for now. They are all different.   So here goes, I decided to add some other images. The line drawings will at some point in the future become watercolor paintings, or pen and ink drawings or what ever else I can come up with to make them a bit different. One or two will likely end up in one of my calendars at the end of the year. As for the images, just click on one and as before, they should enlarge so you can see them better.