A short trip

The short trip I took last week was to San Francisco to visit my cousin and her husband. It was a short trip, but we had a lot of fun and covered a lot of ground, largely on foot.  We manged to find most of the hills as well.  It seems, at times, the only way you ever go is uphill.  Both ways.   But we had a good time, sampled some food and treats here and there, took a lot of tourist photos, ( I am the tourist) took a ferry ride to Sausalito, and got a couple of photos of Alcatraz on the way back when the ferry slowed down by the island. (Rock).  We worked our way down the Embarcadero, down the Presidio to the Golden Gate.  We did go out on the bridge, but did not go all the way across this time.  We have to save some for the next trip.  The Tiled Steps on 16th Street and Moraga Street are very impressive and colorful…. all 163 of them.  If you work your way all the way up to the next level…. another 110 steps, you are treated to some spectacular views of the city.  We  also found the “Painted Ladies” houses at Alamo Square.  These are the row houses everyone likes to take photos of.  Coit Tower gives a great view of the downtown area.  And like the hills, we found all of the steps. From Coit Tower, we took the  Filbert Street steps down to the Embarcadero. We did ride the cable car, but it was really crowded, so I was not able to move around a lot for photos. We can do that the next time around.  We also wandered through Chinatown.  One goal was to get images of murals on the buildings as I am working on a book with that as a subject/theme. There will be more to come.

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