Choices of Bridge

For me the hardest part of this endeavor (blog) is to come up with something to say each time. I am not usually a person of endless words. I have noticed in some of the other blogs that I connect with, these people are good at putting thoughts down on paper/into print. The subject matter I can usually come up with something to show,, just not always a way to explain everything clearly. I’ve been told practice makes it easier. So, I’m practicing. I was out looking for images to record and came across this one. I passed it by, then decided to return and see what I could do with it. One is the original, the others are obviously manipulations of that image. Choose the one you like. Comment on it if you like. Or comment on the process. I may do something like it again. The image captured my attention because of the calm smooth, water, the hard, crispness of the cement bridge structure, and the bare dark trees on the far rivers edge. You cannot see where the bridge ends. This adds a bit to the mystery. It actually touches on an island and continues on to the next state over. It is a bit of a challenge to ride your bike across, as the bike path is in the center of the two spans. I’ve been across it in good weather and bad. Bad being windy. You feel pretty good when your done, but you ask yourself why you do things like this about half way across, when it is easier to go than to turn around and go back. Enjoy! I will be on the road next week, so things will be late I’m sure.

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