Monthly Archives: January 2015

Surely the Lord must be in this place.

The quote comes from Genesis 28:16. After seeing some of the scenes and images that appear in the world around us, there can be no other explanation. I know that not all is as we would wish it to be. I cannot explain everything. But He is in charge, and He creates all of these scenes. So, I feel I need to give Him the credit for the things I see. On a recent trip to the coast, the fog was here and there, in and out, up and down, as fog usually does. Allowing us to see, then obscuring other things nearby. When the sun is mixed in, a whole new light show starts. This time of year a lot of fog banks appear for the morning viewing experience for those around. I suppose for those of us that have to commute in the “soup”, it’s not as pleasant, but those of us that can watch the light show, it makes for a interesting day. I slipped in one image of an old rusty mobil yarder that was hiding in the brush. (I get sucked in when there is old rusty machinery)
It did run at one time.

There are still things to do

So winter is here, the clouds are around in quantity and usually grey. There is rain more often than most want. There is still hope! Between showers a few days ago, my daughter and I went to the Lan Su Chines Garden. Yes, it was cloudy, and a bit cool and grey. But it is still a very nice place to go to and visit. It is calming and relaxing and peaceful. It will be very nice to return in the summer when it is warm and all of the flowers are in bloom. Then you can sit and soak up the sun and the peace and quiet. The images on their website are very green and everything is in bloom. It is very inviting. So my images are not as bright and colorful, but we had a good time and look forward to a spring/summer visit. Their story in brief is that Portland’s sister city of Suzhou sent 65 workmen to build a 40,000 sq. ft. Suzhou style garden. They brought wood and boulders from the homeland to make it authentic. Be sure to check out the tea house, the calligraphy artist, and the fellow that does the images and posters. I love watching their techniques and artistry.

There is a sun!

I woke up this morning expecting to get to take some photos in the fog that had formed during the night. What I got at our house was clear skies. Not a cloud or fog bank anywhere. I finally decided to brave the elements, (it’s warmer now – mid 40’s) and try to get some images anyway. We have a couple of parks that are close, that provide a bit of view around the area. I’ve displayed photos from there before. With the sun peaking through, at least that was the forecast, I gathered my point and shoot and headed out. Results were pretty good all in all. I even played a bit with lens flare. There is one odd looking log. It has some interesting trails on the surface, they were made by some beetles or bugs of some sort. It made for interesting patterns and colors. Two mountains presented their colors today. Mt. St. Helen’s is the pink, clipped top image. Mt. Hood is the other. The fog seemed to be everywhere I was not. It filled the valley’s like someone had filled the low spots with whipped cream. Very nice morning outing!