There is still a bit of color

So this may be the last shot at some real color, from around here anyway. Most everything is drifting into its winter coat of some shade of brown, or maybe gray. Winter will be here officially next week. I know some areas have already had enough winter for the year, and we haven’t even started yet. Officially, that is. By the science calendar, seasonal register, equinox, which ever gauge you want to apply.
So with my maybe last shot of color, I was looking for something to add to the list, and a common item seemed to appear in the images I was checking over. So I used it for a “theme” for this post. The lonely lamppost. It stands there day and night, in all sorts of climates, giving its bit of light in the evening and the night, guiding those who need to wander by to a destination. Or maybe those just on an evening stroll, or a morning walk, getting set for the day. Most stand upright, there are a few that appear to be tired of the routine and lean a bit. I thought of straightening it in the image, but then all of the trees would lean, so it gets to lean, just as it does in real life. Enjoy our lighted sentries before they get modernized and look like something from outer space.

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