Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day arrives this week! It seems it gets harder to visit this “holiday” each year. I don’t think it can be considered a holiday, but a day to remember what has taken place in the past. For us! They gave for us. I served, I was in the Marines from the late 60’s to very early 70. I did not personally see the action that others did. I did relive much of it when I talked with the ones that had. I relived much of it when I sat up with them at night because they could not sleep, many times because of what they saw, either in dreams or real life. They came and got me I suppose, because I didn’t tell anyone else what they experienced. Someone to safely confide in I guess. I have enclosed some photos that I have taken. Some are not sharp and crystal clear. Neither are all of our memories about what has taken place. There are different versions of the same image. Choose the one you favor the most. I’m sure not everyone will like every image. Just remember the sacrifice that has taken place. And what is on the line for those out there now. No matter what branch they are involved with.

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