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Time is almost up for this year

It is the end of November, Thanksgiving days away, Christmas follows that, then we get to jump into the new year. By the looks of things,the news and such, the new year will bring all sorts of changes in all sorts of things. I’m old enough now that I’m not so sure I want all of the changes all of the time. It’s getting harder to keep up with all of the new stuff they present us with. A large portion of which we have no choice in the matter. Some things don’t change. The outside is still – – – well – – – outside. God doesn’t change, “Jesus is still the same, yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb 13:8). So, we take photos to capture those moments that we see, that we want to remember, because they brought a moment into our minds and hearts. It may be a family member or moment. It may be a rainbow or clouds. Or an animal or bird that we don’t often see in our daily life. Like the coyote image I captured a few weeks ago. Sure, I’ve seen coyotes off and on. I even saw one wandering down the street by my daughters apartment, in the city! But its still great to catch a photo of one in his home. To see the challenges a photographer can face, check out this video. It is about 7 min long.

Anyway, take the photos. That’s why they make so many cameras. Help us all capture what is in your heart and mind. After all, it is fun to do. This series has a lot of fog. I like the fog. It’s fun to take the photos in these conditions. You do usually have to be ready early, but it’sa great start to the day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


I’m going to add one last “veteran’s item” for the Veteran’s Day week. Earlier this summer as I was traveling around the old stomping grounds, I decided to revisit The Tillamook Air Museum. It had been a while since I had been there, so I was curious to find out if they had changed things around. If you have not been there, it would be a good trip for a day. There is a lot of history involved here. The two main structures, the hangers were constructed in the early 1940’s. My kids say that I’m older than dirt, but these were up before me. By the time I was up and running, these had been converted to other things. When I first encountered them, they were both housed lumber/plywood mills. My dad and uncle both worked in them. I remember the first time going in. My dad was driving a tractor-trailer lumber rig that I thought was pretty big. We drove into a small door in the end of the hanger and it was if it swallowed our truck without so much as burp or hiccup. I had never seen any building so large. I found out it was the largest wooden structure built at that time. I’m sure there are some records involved, I didn’t search them out. Anyway, at about 12 years old, I was impressed. I won’t give all of the specs here, not enough room, for one, it would take away all of your fun if you go see it. They have a small booklet that covers all of your questions and history very well. I will say the door opening is 120 feet high. The inside floor space is 5.6 acres. The airships that were involved were the K class, 252 feet long. And there is always the image of the plane flying end to end through the doors. My dad said that happened more than once. There is only one hanger left, one was lost to a fire a few years ago. I have enclosed a couple of images from the day. The plane in the door inside did not have a ID plate, but it seems to be a P47 Thunderbolt. If you know otherwise, let me know and I will change that tag. The white one outside is a “mini-Guppy”. It is a cargo transport plane. Take a day and explore our local history if you get a chance.

Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day arrives this week! It seems it gets harder to visit this “holiday” each year. I don’t think it can be considered a holiday, but a day to remember what has taken place in the past. For us! They gave for us. I served, I was in the Marines from the late 60’s to very early 70. I did not personally see the action that others did. I did relive much of it when I talked with the ones that had. I relived much of it when I sat up with them at night because they could not sleep, many times because of what they saw, either in dreams or real life. They came and got me I suppose, because I didn’t tell anyone else what they experienced. Someone to safely confide in I guess. I have enclosed some photos that I have taken. Some are not sharp and crystal clear. Neither are all of our memories about what has taken place. There are different versions of the same image. Choose the one you favor the most. I’m sure not everyone will like every image. Just remember the sacrifice that has taken place. And what is on the line for those out there now. No matter what branch they are involved with.

Oregon Autumn

We have finally figured out that fall has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. We don’t get the same washes of color in our trees that happens further east of us. The photos we see usually cover acres of trees all in yellows and reds and oranges. Ours seems to arrive in fits and starts, here and there, one color here, sometimes only on one tree, another color over there, again only on one tree. Then leaving for days, to then return a few trees over with different colors. Almost as if we are the trail space for nature. Lets try this color here and see what happens. I’ve done this with my photos, in camera and in post processing. Works most of the time, saves us humans from laying out large amounts of time on projects. God and nature don’t have that problem. He can sample and try colors anywhere He wants. We like the results here. Maybe because we’re used to them, or just comfortable with conditions. So, I’ve added a few from the book I made. I hope you enjoy your colors as well.