Fences and fog

As fall has brought itself upon us, we get the full effects early in the morning. You know, those foggy, damp, soggy surroundings. For me, one who likes the fog (for photos, anyway) all of this provides new subjects, even in old stomping grounds. The landscapes change as you watch, the clouds floating in and out, clearing away, then covering up again in a different pattern. When you can pause and watch, I find it fascinating. One lady’s comment was that it is “magical”. I can agree with that. I managed to find some more fencing along the way, so I added it as well. On the morning that I was here, there must have been hundred’s of crows in the area. The city is doing some work here, and the surface of one of the sections had just been reworked and leveled, getting ready to be seeded. So the crows were making their presence known for blocks around. It sounded like there was two or three times more than what was actually there. Real party time. Reminds one of the old Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds”. They didn’t manage to threaten any people, just each other. If you were looking for a peaceful morning, that was not the place. As with all of the other pages, click on the image to make it bigger.

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