Even the sun is slower

So now comes the seasonal change, accepting the cooler, damper weather. It has hit us with a vengeance this week. More like what we are used to this time of year. No complaints, just adjustment. Dress warmer, at least in the morning, til the sun is up with the rest of us. Now I can go out and catch the dew, or the fog, the dampness in general. They all make for interesting images. I found one spot with great dew covered cobwebs. Now, I’m not one to chase and catch or study spiders. They have their space and I will steer around them as much as possible. They serve their purpose and are welcome to it. But if I can include their construction practices into an image, then I will wander a bit closer to their space. I included only one as not everyone wants them in a photo. The rest are to get us into the “fall” frame of mind. Cooler and with a bit more humidity. (for us, anyway). I also managed to find a fence. If you were into some of my earlier images, I stated how I follow fences in my subject matter. So grab a jacket or coat and we’ll go for a walk!

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