Monthly Archives: September 2014

The coming year

I hope by that title you didn’t think I was going to provide some view about how to get by in the coming year. That’s not my corner. I have learned some things along the way, (typing is not one of them), if you are going to prepare things that have importance for the coming year, they need to be done before the year starts. I have been making calendars for the last few years, subjects varying from landscapes to travel, maybe a few animals here and there. The subjects being presented how I saw them, and how the camera captured them.  This year, I may well do the same, but I will add something new. I have been playing with some of the photo programs on the market and chose one or two to purchase and play with. So here are a couple of examples. For the travel people there are the ones from Bolivia. For the car people, we have some grills and hood ornaments. Can’t do the hood ornaments anymore, they are unsafe at any speed. They sure were impressive though.

waterfalls #2

Here is the second edition of the waterfalls practice. I went to this state park to check out the ten waterfalls that live there. Pretty nice place all around. I did not get to all ten falls, I managed to find eight, and ran out of time to get to the other two. It’s a lot of distance to catch them all, and if you start early in the morning and keep at it, you can get to all of them without a lot of problem. You need to be up to it though, as it is not on flat ground and they are spread out quite a bit. Makes for a good outing, even if your not taking photos. I did realize after the first couple of falls, the best day for photos will be an overcast day. The sun and shadows make it difficult to get a nice exposure. Just to much bright and dark for a digital sensor to deal with. It really throws the colors off because they are very nice in person. Even this time of year. The enclosed images are my practice results. The other thought was that it is warm and dry this time of year, so later in the fall or even winter and then spring, the water flow will be greater and more impressive for a waterfall photo. It is dry enough now that one falls did not have any water flowing, just an occasional drip was heard. I mentioned in the first edition of the falls that I was not especially attacked to water falls, but this park has changed that a bit. Maybe its the setting, or the access to the falls. I’m not to sure yet, but this was fun. I think the literature says you can walk behind four of the falls. That in itself is a bit different and fun to play with. I tried to get some people into them, so you can see the size of the falls. This was a scouting outing, so future versions will be better. And I will use the tripod more. Enjoy, and try not to get splashed!!