The Great Oregon Steamup

Each year at this time, I travel down the road to experience old history. You know the kind, old stuff on display, showing all of the “new” people what life used to be like. I love this stuff. Its old. As am I. It’s rusty and probably cranky. I’ve been described that way too. I’m also getting creaky like the old machinery. We have a lot in common. The other attraction is this; I like old rusty machines! I’ve been around machines of some sort since I was little. Naming cars from the front seat, before I would converse with others. And without anyone teaching me about which car was which. At least I was told no one had taught me the names of the cars. This being when I was 3 – 4 years old. Now today, we get to take in the way things used to be with these displays of our past. They are working museums. I hesitate to label it as a museum because that may tend to make it boring to some before they even get there. They are working history displays of what our family’s worked with to get us to where we are today. Some of these machines have come and gone in my lifetime. Others at this display were way before my time, or outside of my access. It’s all good. It’s all worth the time to learn about what it took to get here by the generations before us. Our families. It is all visual, with audio in real life decibels. I am always amazed at the machinery that came before me, and to see the changes and improvements that have been made. Not all are efficient or positive improvements. Sometimes the older stuff did a better job. The Great Oregon Steamup aims at old steam powered equipment. I know there are other places that display similar types of machines, so, as I would recommend this one at Brooks, Oregon, with 5 stars, start with the one that close to you and work your way around. It’s all good!

As with all of the other posts, click on a photo and it will enlarge!

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