Summer’s here!

So I took another hike; (I’ve been told I should do this more often)  and ended up at the Wahkeena Falls again. It has less traffic and is a bit more of a challenge in some areas. Plus, it had some spots that needed further exploration. Early in the morning is best for less traffic, lighting is low if you are to early here as everything is back in the trees and rocks. It is more peaceful and quiet, unless you add in the water noise and the birds. But the city noise is gone. Once in a while, if you are early, you get a train passing by below. To me that’s not an interruption, I like trains. Probably a “guy” thing for the most part. Machinery, large diesel engines and all that stuff. It seems that I had bugs in the set of images, no bugs this time. I did get some flowers though. I like those too.  A lot of opposites there, that probably means something to someone. Always lots of thing to work on.IMG_2779 IMG_2796 IMG_2819 IMG_2822 IMG_2842 IMG_2858 

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