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2nd edition

_MG_0166 copy _MG_0123-2 _MG_0238-2 _MG_0237-2 _MG_0230-2 _MG_0227-2 _MG_0184-2Because of the busy weekend coming up, I’m going to add this in now while I have a chance. This edition is as promised; panning or motion photos. I don’t think I can add anything new to all of the tutorials out there on this subject, they are all good. The one thing I can aim you towards  is PRACTICE, then practice some more, then do it again.  It is fun to do once you get the hang of what is going on. It doesn’t have to be bicycle racing. I use this because it is free and easy to access. These were shot with a Canon 20D and either a  17-85 or 100-300 lens.  The 17-85 was easier and worked better this time around. Matching my motion and speed with theirs was easier with the lighter, shorter lens. These racers do move quickly, and some of the locations around the track were a challenge to get a passable exposure. This “track” was not closed as it is a public park, so I was able to move around and get different views of the racers. I don’t have names for any of them, and any focus point on one as opposed to another is by chance and not favoritism. I don’t know any of them, but I admire their level of athletic ability. But again, you can use the kids on bikes in the neighborhood, horses, whatever you have. Try it!

The race is on

Bicycle racing can tend to be seasonal here, unless you embrace all sorts of bicycle racing. There is a type of race for just about any season. Big tires, skinny tires, fat tires, knobby tires, smooth tires. Or if you prefer the European name – tyres. Whatever your preference, it’s still a great show of athletics and endurance. I go to watch and  . . . .  practice.  I can always use the practice. The speed and action keeps you on your toes.  This race was set on the grounds of an extinct volcano. That means hills and curves and speed. They can reach 35 or more MPH down the straight after winding through the s-curves. It’s quite the fun, and I’ve ridden the route numerous times. I in no way can match their ability, but it is a fun ride. It will give you a great workout! I “altered” these images just for fun. Just to see the results. I tend toward the poster effect with the bright colors. As I said it is practice. So the next ones I post will be examples of panning – keeping the subject relatively clear, while the background goes into a blur. Enjoy!_MG_9940 copy 9653alt copy 9699alt copy 9707alt copy 9757alt copy 9961alt copy 9962alt copy

Summer’s here!

So I took another hike; (I’ve been told I should do this more often)  and ended up at the Wahkeena Falls again. It has less traffic and is a bit more of a challenge in some areas. Plus, it had some spots that needed further exploration. Early in the morning is best for less traffic, lighting is low if you are to early here as everything is back in the trees and rocks. It is more peaceful and quiet, unless you add in the water noise and the birds. But the city noise is gone. Once in a while, if you are early, you get a train passing by below. To me that’s not an interruption, I like trains. Probably a “guy” thing for the most part. Machinery, large diesel engines and all that stuff. It seems that I had bugs in the set of images, no bugs this time. I did get some flowers though. I like those too.  A lot of opposites there, that probably means something to someone. Always lots of thing to work on.IMG_2779 IMG_2796 IMG_2819 IMG_2822 IMG_2842 IMG_2858 


The longest day has come and gone and we are getting ready for some warmer -make that hot – hot weather. Hot for here anyway. Time to get up early and touch nature earlier in the day. So in scouting for early spots, I was confined to these sunrise shots out along the river bank. The spot I wanted to get at, which has some altitude to look out across the countryside is closed early in the morning. With not many choices left, I took a chance with this spot. Not ideal, but nice colors. The two sunrise shots are a week apart from the same spot. The field and trees shots were from the park I didn’t have access to until they opened the gate later in the morning.
It’s July forth, but I don’t plan on doing any fireworks shots. You will just have to put up with the nature stuff I have been putting up.