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This days posting is in the afternoon though, a slight shift from the previous idea of mornings only. Morning light is what everyone says is best for photos. Morning early, and late afternoon or evening. We strive for the ‘golden hour’ – that special shade of light that supposedly gives the ‘best’ light. Ok, I agree with that, for the most part. It’s a goal for most images, but if the weather is good and you have a chance to try other times, do it. There is nothing that says those are the only times you can take photos, and it is definitely not in your manual to stay home until the evening hours are just right. So the day was warm and nice, I had checked out this spot for access. (it had been closed for a major construction project). I had an opportunity to go mid-afternoon, so I did. I took my point and shoot, as that is what I usually carry when hiking or wandering. It’s lighter and easier to carry.

So if you go by all of the ‘tried and true’ practices, I broke a lot of rules on this venture: 1 – It was ‘wrong’ time of day; I was using a point and shoot camera; 3 – no tripod;  4 – probably the wrong shoes too. That’s alright. I had fun and got some interesting images. The best time to take photos is when your there. The best camera to use is the one you have. So, give it a shot.

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