still on the road

So after leaving El Alto and La Paz, we start to climb some more to the ridge road at the top. It is nicely cut into the side of the mountain and rides along smoothly.  The lake starts to show up along the horizon, then filling more and more of the scene. At one point we drop down into a little village whose main industry is transportation. They transport your bus across the channel. Then they transport you across the channel. The bus empty’s out, gets loaded on a barge and makes its way across the channel. They load you into a launch and take you across the channel. You load back onto the bus and climb back up to the ridge line and continue on to Copacabana. Then the bus drops down near the lake edge and unloads all of you and any gear you thought you should carry along. Lots of interesting tourist items to check out or take home, if you still have room in your suitcase. Very idealistic setting for a vacation. Pretty laid back atmosphere, a few things to see, fishing in the distance. Warm air (thin, but warm in the afternoon). Nice place to relax. Fresh fish when you need something to eat. Its all good.  You do get to travel on foot for the most part. A taxi is available, but what’s the fun in that? Does seem the only flat, level area is down along the lake front. The rest is pretty much like the streets of San Francisco. (up and down, not flat)   All in all, a very nice place for a vacation!

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