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Higher altitude!

So after the hot air balloons, this is a bit higher yet.We have been to Bolivia before, but this was going to test our altitude readiness. Our family lives at about 8400-8500 feet. We got to this level with little or no real problem. The test was to continue on a few days later, to Copacabana at 12,400 or so feet altitude. Landing in La Paz/El Alto puts you at 13,300 feet (as by the airplane when you land). To get to Copa you have to go up then down, as it is on the edge of Lake Titicaca, and that is about 12,400 or so feet. Look it up on the map. Interesting place. At that altitude, you don’t go jumping out of the bus to do wind sprints. There is not enough air for those of us used to living at sea level! Takes a few days to adjust to this for sure. I will add some  images over then next few days of what we saw. These first ones are around La Paz, as we headed for Copa by bus.

door ways

door ways

door ways open to new worlds!

This will start a new series of images. We just returned from a trip to Bolivia, so I will add images from that trip over the next weeks. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.