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up in the air!

up in the air!

This is one of my favorites, I suppose because there is a bit scale to how far up I was when the image was taken. I have worked with Vista Balloon Adventures in the past, as a crew member, and will likely do so again this year as I will have more time to pursue this adventure. It is a great lot of fun, and great people to work with.

Lots of ‘hot air’

Lots of 'hot air'

We are still on the ‘big-small’ theme here. It has been suggested that I do a little more work on my titles and subjects. So in the future I will try to be a bit more creative. Thanks for passing by for a look see.

I see the light

I see the light

trying to catch that warm spot – – – – – – – of sun

new ideas

new ideas

big and small

All right, it’s time for some new ideas. I was looking at some older images and an idea came around. I like images that show how vast something is, or, how small we are in comparison. So the next few images I add to the list will reflect this idea, at least until I come up with another one.